Table 2: Summary of studies from Europe, Asia, and USA.

YearAuthorCountry BMI
Cohort sizeOutcome
Number of lymph nodes retrievedMorbiditySurvival

2000Inagawa et al. [23]Japan<20; 20–25; >25293No differenceNo difference
2003Gretschel et al. [28]Germany<25; 25–30; >30199No differenceNo difference
2004Murphy et al. [37]UK<20; 20–25; 25–30; >3050No difference
2008Yamada et al. [31]Japan<25; >25248No differenceNo differenceNo difference
2009Oh et al. [26]Korea<25; >25410Significant differenceSignificant differenceNo difference
2009Tokunaga et al. [34]Japan<25; >257925Significant difference
2009Ojima et al. [36]Japan<25; >25689Significant differenceNo difference
2011Nobuoka et al. [35]Japan<25; >25644Significant differenceNo difference (except for stage IV)
2010Kulig et al. [9]Poland<25; >251992Significant differenceNo differenceSignificant difference
2012Lee et al. [38]Korea<25; >25243No differenceNo difference
2012Oh et al. [39]Korea<25; >2561No differenceNo difference
2013Bickenbach et al. [10]USA<25; >251853Significant differenceSignificant differenceNo difference
2013Pata et al. [27]Italy<25; 25–30; >30161Significant differenceSignificant difference
2013Lin et al. [25]Taiwan<25, 25–30, >30947Significant differenceSignificant differenceNo difference
2014Wong et al. [29]USA<18.5; 18.5–25;
25–30; >30
222Significant differenceNo differenceSignificant difference
2014Kim et al. [30]Korea<18.5; 18.5–23;
23–25; 25–30; >30
304Significant differenceNo differenceNo difference
2014Present experienceItaly<25; 25–30; >30378No differenceNo differenceNo difference