Gastroenterology Research and Practice / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Foreign Bodies Ingestion in Children: Experience of 61 Cases in a Pediatric Gastroenterology Unit from Romania

Table 2

Correlations between clinical symptoms and different factors.

Multiple correlationEstimated value

Multiple correlation coefficient 0.92344
Multiple 0.85274
(6, 1161)20.68154
Std. err. of estimate 0.32562


Partial correlationCorrelation interval (beta)Std. err.
95% confidence interval

Patient factors
Foreign body factors
 Material −0.0105850.067656−0.156460.875925
 Shape 0.5650670.0668496.957040.000000
Time to presentation0.4508150.0624665.616120.000000