Table 2: STI/HIV and bacterial vaginosis prevalence among 212 clandestine female sex workers: Lima, Peru, 2003.

N = 212(%)95th CI

Trichomonas vaginalis c5(2.4)(0.3–4.4)
Treponema pallidum a,d (syphilis)20(9.5)(5.5–13.5)
HSV-2a, e (genital herpes)169(80.1)(74.7–85.5)
Candidiasisa, f21(10.0)(5.9–14.0)
Bacterial vaginosisg
 Normal flora83(39.2)(32.5–45.8)
 Intermediate flora34(16.0)(11.1–21.0)

aN = 211. bELISA and Western blot assay. cWet mount and In Pouch TV. dRapid plasma reagin (RPR), MHA-TP confirmed. eELISA. fWet mount analysis. gNugent score method.