Table 1: Demographic characteristics of postintervention study respondents.

CharacteristicsPercentage (%)

Years since completion of residency
 21–30 years33.6
 11–20 years28.7
 5–10 years16.1
Type of practice
 Large group (4+ partners)43.2
 Solo private practice14.7
 University full-time faculty & practice13.3
 Small group (2-3 partners)10.9
 Community hospital full-time7.7
 One partner3.9
 Community hospital part-time1.4
Primary medical specialty
 General ob-gyn74.8
 Gynecology only8.0
 Maternal/fetal medicine7.3
 Reproductive endocrinology/infertility5.6
 Gynecologic oncology2.4
 Obstetrics only1.4
Practice location
 Urban, noninner city25.9
 Urban, inner city15.0
Professional self-identification
 Both primary care physician and specialist47.9
 Primary care physician5.2
Patient race
 White, non-Hispanic63.7
 White, Hispanic10.2
 African American, non-Hispanic3.2
 African American, Hispanic2.1
 Asian/Pacific Islander1.1
 American Indian/Alaska native0.7
Patient insurance
 Private (including HMO, IPO, military)70.9