Table 1: Selected clinical characteristics and demographics of the study population. Numbers are percentages or means (min, max).

Streptococcus G or CStreptococcus BNegative-value

Age, years, mean (min, max)30.3 (19,44)30.3 (18,44)30.2 (19,44)0.973
BMI, median, kg/m2 (min, max)23.5 (16,48)23.5 (16,56)22.9 (16,51)0.114
BMI 3016.218.618.10.051
Current smoker14.715.617.00.659
Gestational diabetes16.719.217.80.496
Caesarean delivery11.416.412.40.086
Antibiotic treatment during delivery35.692.420.4<0.001
Blood loss 1000 ml5.
Gestational age ≤ 37 weeks4.
Gestational age ≥ 42 weeks6.
Apgar score 1 min <
Apgar score 5 min <

BMI = body mass index (calculated as persons weight in kilograms divided by square of height in meters). Including prophylactic antibiotics for Streptococcus B colonization, treatment for suspected chorioamnionitis, and prophylactic antibiotics during cesarean section. Age and BMI were compared between three groups using ANOVA or the Kruskall-Wallis test and the other variables with chi-squared test or Fisher’s exact test.