Table 2: Hepatitis B screening among 870,888 pregnancies in commercial insurance claims data, 2011–2014.

HBsA tested
TotalRow% valu

 1st pregnancies795,870655,21882.33
 2nd pregnancies73,24758,35979.67
 3rd pregnancies1,7431,23670.91
 4th pregnancies281760.71
Age group<0.001
 19 or younger39,0672861273.24
 20 to 29356,47430072784.36
 30 to 39438,84436370882.88
 40 or older36,5032178359.67
Census divisio<0.001
 New England40,40332,76781.10
 Middle Atlantic102,31280,77478.95
 East North Central161,920130,86580.82
 West North Central45,13738,47585.24
 South Atlantic153,566128,66283.78
 East South Central52,72645,44186.18
 West South Central100,91689,10188.29
Insurance plan <0.001
 Managed car207,179159,26576.87
 PPO or othe637,739533,98983.73

Boldface indicates statistical significance ; BsAg = hepatitis B surface antigen. mong 819,752 women continuously enrolled 42 weeks before and 6 months after first delivery CPT or ICD-9-CM diagnosis code (Table 1).   ogistic regression models with general estimating equations to account for women with multiple pregnancies during the study period. ew England = CT, MN, MA, NH, RI, VA; Middle Atlantic = NJ, NY, PA; East North Central = IN, IL, MI, OH, WI; West North Central = IA, KS, MN, MO, NB, ND, SD; South Atlantic = DC, DE, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV; East South Central = AL, KY, MS, TN; West South Central = AR, LA, OK, TX; Mountain: AZ, CO, ID, NM, MT, UT, NV, WY; Pacific = AK, CA, HI, OR, WA; and other/unknown = Puerto Rico and unknown state of residence. rbanicity was determined by metropolitan statistical area (MSA); 15,732 HBsAg tested of 18,813 (83.6%) were missing urbanicity; 1,576 HBsAg tested of 25,970 (83.1%) were missing insurance plan type. ealth maintenance organizations (HMO), exclusive provider organizations (EPO), and point of Service (POS) plans. referred provider organizations (PPO), high deductible, and comprehensive plans.