IET Electrical Systems in Transportation

About this Journal

Aims and scope

IET Electrical Systems in Transportation is a fully open access journal that invites original research and review articles strongly aligned with any aspect of electrical transport, including but not limited to:

All aspects of the hybrid, more or all electric propulsion systems or drivetrains:

  • Electrical propulsion drive system
  • Onboard electrical generation systems, or starter/generators
  • Energy storage systems
  • Fault-tolerant technology design or control
  • System level integration, reconfiguration, protection or control
  • Health prognostics and diagnostics, or condition monitoring
  • Superconducting technologies

Advanced load systems:

  • Actuators design
  • Electric anti-icing solutions
  • Hybrid or all electric loads

Onboard ancillary systems:

  • System-level communication
  • Comms or sensor fault-tolerance or redundancy
  • Cyber security issues

Interactions of electric transport with the land-based power system:

  • Traction pantograph systems
  • Electric train, or trams powered by the power system
  • Energy storage charging infrastructure
  • Impact of electric transport on the land-based power system
  • Vehicle-to-grid, grid-to-vehicle systems
  • Multi-vehicle charger system or roadside charger design, and control

Forms of electric transport of interest include road rail, air and water, and commercial personal, civil and military transport systems.

    The IET Hindawi Partnership

    This journal is published by Hindawi as part of a publishing collaboration with The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). It is a fully open access journal produced under the Hindawi and IET brands. 

    The IET has a large scale publishing partnership with Wiley, who own Hindawi, and the Wiley IET Hub can be found here.

    Bibliographic information

    ISSN: 2042-9738 (Print) 

    ISSN: 2042-9746 (Online) 

    DOI: 10.1049/ietest

      Archival content

      Content published prior to July 2023 is hosted on the Wiley Online Library and the IET Digital Library

        Open Access

        IET Electrical Systems in Transportation is an open access journal. All articles are immediately available to read and reuse upon publication. More information about our Open Access policy can be found on our copyright page.


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