Research Article

Growth and Nutrient Use Efficiencies of Yams (Dioscorea spp.) Grown in Two Contrasting Soils of West Africa

Table 3

Impact of soil type and fertilizers on tuber yields and harvest index (HI) of Dioscorea spp.

Soil typeSpeciesFertilizerYield (t fresh matter/ha)Harvest indices

ForestD. alataNone280.96
Full rate35 (25%)**0.93
D. rotundataNone130.99
Full rate15 (15%)**0.96
P values
Species< 0.00010.0399
Species × fertilizer0.43760.8682

SavannaD. alataNone170.88
Full rate29 (71%)**0.90
D. rotundataNone80.93
Full rate11 (38%)**0.97
P values
Species × fertilizer0.24580.6461
SE mean ( )3.50.17

**Numbers in parenthesis indicate the increase/reduction in tuber yield in relation to the nonfertilized plots.