Table 4: Results from the two deficit experiments (WD1 and WD2) showing the FTSW-threshold for the decline in transpiration rate. Values followed with the same letter are not statistically different on LSD (Least Significant Difference) values calculated using Tukeys method ( ). The notation NS means nonsignificant.

FTSW Threshold
FTSW Threshold

AP 30.46 a0.42 a
AT 30850.46 a0.43 a
C 76-160.46 a0.41 a
C 99R0.47 a0.42 a
FL 070.44 a0.43 a
GA 04S0.46 a0.40 a
GA 06G0.46 a0.44 a
Tifrunner0.45 a0.42 a
York0.43 a0.42 a