Table 3: Percent reduction in soybean yield caused by season-long interference by Palmer amaranth in field experiment.a,b

Palmer amaranth biotypeYield reduction

Individual Palmer amaranth biotypesc
 Emanuel (GR)24a
 Macon (GR)17b
 Wayne (GR) 16b
 Crisp (GS)24a
 Emanuel (GS)22a
 Johnston (GS)24a
Palmer amaranth biotypes grouped by response to glyphosated

a Data are pooled over five 30 cm distance increments from Palmer amaranth and runs (years) of the experiment. Abbreviations: GR, glyphosate resistant; GS, glyphosate susceptible.
b Means within a parameter and analysis followed by the same letter are not significantly different according to Fisher’s Protected LSD test at 𝑃 0 . 0 5 .
c Consists of six Palmer amaranth biotypes.
d Consists of a group of three glyphosate-resistant and a group of three glyphosate-susceptible Palmer amaranth biotypes.