Table 2: Chi-square analysis of segregation for glyphosate resistance at 2000 g/ha in BC1F1 families assuming monogenic and two gene additive inheritance*.

ObservedOne gene modelTwo gene additive model
Backcross familyExpected 𝜒 2 P valueExpected 𝜒 2 P value

BC1F1 S × R1838466.0139.990.7590.3849.0136.990.1420.707
BC1F1 S × R2745526.7945.210.0070.93210.1941.811.2410.265
BC1F1 S × R31238506.5343.475.2670.0229.8040.200.6160.432
BC1F1 S × R42032526.7945.2129.539<0.000110.1941.8111.7500.001
BC1F1 S × R5349526.7945.212.4360.11910.1941.816.3080.012
BC1F1 S × R6337405.2234.771.0900.2967.8432.163.7130.054
BC1F1 S × R7723303.9226.082.7870.0955.8824.120.2660.606
BC1F1 R × S11933526.7945.2125.235<0.000110.1941.819.4770.002
BC1F1 R × S21537526.7945.2111.4070.00110.1941.812.8250.093
BC1F1 R × S3448526.7945.211.3210.25010.1941.814.6750.031
BC1F1 R × S43319526.7945.21116.308<0.000110.1941.8163.516<0.0001
BC1F1 R × S5646526.7945.210.1060.74410.1941.812.1420.143
BC1F1 R × S6646526.7945.210.1060.74410.1941.812.1420.143
BC1F1 R × S7745526.7945.210.0070.93210.1941.811.2410.265
BC1F1 R × S8423273.5323.470.0730.7875.2921.710.3910.532


Response of parental controls
 GR Parent391352
 GS Parent05252
 F1 R × S153752
 F1 S × R113647

* Abbreviations used: GR: glyphosate-resistant; GS: glyphosate-susceptible; R × S and S × R: reciprocal crosses where, the first alphabet denotes female parent; BC1F1: backcross family; F1: first filial.