Table 3: Russet potato main effect in 2009 for deformed tubers, rotten tubers as a percentage of total yield, marketable tuber yield, and total tuber yield for Russet potatoes grown on sandy loam soils in the Mid-Atlantic, averaged across N rate and N application timing.

VarietyDeformed tubersRotten tubersMarketable yieldTotal yield
Percentage of tubersPercentage of total yieldkg ha-1

Goldrush66.7 a34.5 a16894 a24549 a
Norkotah43.2 b34.6 a10343 b15276 b

Pr > F< 0.00010.9726<0.0001<0.0001

Means within each dependent variable with the same letter are not significantly different (P ≥ 0.10, Fisher’s Protected LSD) and can be compared within column.