Table 5: Nitrogen rate × N application timing × variety × MH-30 interaction in 2010 for marketable yield for Russet potatoes grown on sandy loam soils in the Mid-Atlantic.

Nitrogen rate and MH-30GoldrushNorkotah
All at planting2-splits3-splitsAll at planting2-splits3-splits

kg ha−1kg ha−1
134 no MH-309148 j13325 hij19556 efgh28348 abcd32261 abc29262 abcd
134 with MH-3017187 fghi17035 ghi12237 hij28337 abcd32789 ab31356 abc
268 no MH-3024800 cdef22615 defg22513 defg28601 abcd27707 abcd28277 abcd
268 with MH-3017696 fghi10815 ij26833 cde27239 abcde34883 a32250 abc

Pr > F0.0474

Means with the same letter are not significantly different (P ≥ 0.10, Fisher’s Protected LSD) and any mean can be compared within the table.