Table 7: Nitrogen rate × variety interaction in 2010 for rotten tubers as a percentage of total yield, marketable tuber yield, and total tuber yield for Russet potatoes grown on sandy loam soils in the Mid-Atlantic, averaged across N application timing.

Nitrogen rateRotten tubersMarketable yieldTotal yield

kg ha−1Percentage of total yieldkg ha−1kg ha−1

6743.0 a12.2 bc9239 c21266 b13593 d23777 bc
13448.2 a8.6 c8396 c27409 a14009 d29957 a
20121.7 b11.6 bc21100 b26972 a26121 abc30360 a
26820.4 b13.2 bc19000 b2444 c23309 c28195 ab

Pr > F0.00090.00330.0184

No-fertilizer control plots were not included in Analysis of Variance and are included for informational purposes only.
Means within each dependent variable with the same letter are not significantly different (P ≥ 0.10, Fisher’s Protected LSD).