Table 9: Nitrogen application timing × variety interaction in 2011 for rotten tubers as a percentage of total yield, marketable tuber yield, and total tuber yield for Russet potatoes grown on sandy loam soils in the Mid-Atlantic, averaged across N rates.

Nitrogen application timingRotten tubersMarketable yieldTotal yield

Percentage of total yieldkg ha−1

No nitrogen35.582.978711773116039400
At planting34.8 c85.2 a7874 b2811 c11947 c15698 ab
2-split42.6 c86.4 a10396 a2696 c17354 a16200 ab
3-split48.0 bc79.7 ab8303 b3970 c15729 ab14284 bc

Pr > F0.01310.08230.0458

No-fertilizer control plots were not included in Analysis of Variance and are included for informational purposes only.
Means within each dependent variable with the same letter are not significantly different (P ≥ 0.10, Fisher’s Protected LSD).