Figure 6: Cumulative NH4-N (mg NH4-N per manure storage unit) leached from manure of the dry season storage experiment. Error bars represent standard error of the mean values. Continuous lines represent best-fit regression equations for cumulative NH4-N (mg) leached from manure during the dry season experiment. The solid line (—) represents the Medium quality manure, no urine treatment. The dashed line (- - - -) represents the urine-amended Medium quality manure treatment. The dotted line (·) represents the Low quality manure, no urine treatment. The dot-dash line (-··-··) represents the urine-amended Low quality manure treatment. represents the cumulative NH4-N (mg) leached from the manure. Medium quality manure, no urine: , . Medium quality manure, with urine: , . Low quality manure, no urine: , . Low quality manure, with urine: , . The rate equations for leachate NH4-N between the four treatments did not differ at significance level α = 0.05.