Table 4: Estimated costs of production, gross revenue, and returns on investment of (a) various crop sequences (b) maize grown after the sequences with N application to the maize and (c) maize grown after the sequences without N application to the maize.

Crop sequenceEconomic
yield (kg ha−1)
Total revenue
(US$) ha−1
Cost of production (US$) ha−1Total costNet revenueReturn on

(a) Crops in the sequence
4Cowpea-maize-cowpea2,536* (1,230) 1079.041.7106,1475.1622.9456.173
6Speargrass fallow0041.70041.7 −41.7 −100

(b) Maize after crop sequence with N application
 CS 12,738495.913.9104.2190.2308.3187.661
 CS 22,974538.513.9104.2196.5314.6223.971
 CS 34,194759.413.9104.2245.9364.0395.4108
 CS 42,331422.113.9104.2177.0295.1127.043
 CS 52,126385.013.9104.2175.4293.591.431
 CS 62,848515.713.9104.2224.4342.5173.351

(c) Maize after crop sequence without N application
 CS 13,000543.213.913.9175.6203.4339.8167
 CS 22,423438.813.913.9165.5193.3245.5127
 CS 32,961537.713.913.9209.7237.5300.2126
 CS 41,772302.813.913.9155.2183.0119.866
 CS 51,380249.913.913.9153.0180.769.138
 CS 61,048189.813.913.9173.7200.9 −11.1 −6

1US$82.1 t 1 .
2US$333.3 t 1 .
3US$181.1 t 1 for maize.
4US$337.5 t 1 for cowpea and US$181.1 t 1 for maize.
5US$181.1 t 1 for maize.
*Yield of maize (figure in brackets).
CS 1: cassava; CS 2: Pigeonpea; CS 3: Mucuna-maize-mucuna; CS 4: Cowpea-maize-cowpea; CS 5: Maize-maize-maize; CS 6: Speargrass fallow.
Source: [9].