Table 2: Cropping system effects on cowpea nodules number (nodules/plant), nodules dry weight (mg/plant) at bloom stage, and cowpea and millet grain yield (kg/ha) in farmers’ fields in 2010.

Cropping systemsCowpea nodules number by plantCowpea nodules dry weight (mg/plant)Cowpea grain yield (kg/ha)Millet grain yield (kg/ha)

Farmers’ controlNo*No*No*465a
Cowpea variety CZ11-94-5C sole crop22a160730aNo*
Cowpea variety IT89KD-374 sole crop16b117605bNo*
Millet/CZ11-94-5C alternate rows intercropping (1 row/1 row)20ab140390c335b
Millet/IT89KD-374 alternate rows intercropping (1 row/1 row)15b119340cd350b
Millet/CZ11-94-5C alternate rows intercropping (2 rows/1 row )23a163280cd485a
Millet/IT89KD-374 alternate rows intercropping (2 rows/1 row)17b139245d495a
Effect value value value value
Cropping system<0.010.09<0.01<0.01
Coefficient of variation (%)37.0245.2142.1721.41

Means followed by the same letters in the same column are not significantly different ( ), according to Duncan test.
No*: no millet.