Table 2: The above-ground dry weight reduction of ALS-resistant (AR1, AR2, and MS1) and -susceptible E. crus-galli populations at 21 d after treatment with various ALS-inhibiting herbicides at recommended field ratesa,b,c.

Above-ground dry weight reduction
TreatmentRateSusceptibleAR1AR2 MS1
g ai ha−1% of nontreated control


aMeans for each population within a column followed by the same uppercase letters and means for each herbicide within a row followed by the same lowercase letters are not significantly different according to Fisher’s protected LSD test ( ).
bAll herbicide treatments except bispyribac-sodium contained nonionic surfactant at 0.25% v/v.
cBispyribac-sodium treatments contained a nonionic spray adjuvant and deposition aid at 2.5% v/v.