Table 1: Effect of previous crop on Aspergillus flavus soil propagules and frequency of toxigenic isolates.1

SampleColony forming units log (10)/g soilAflatoxigenic isolates %
CornSoybeanLSD 0.05CornSoybeanLSD 0.05

Fall 20062.16 a2.32 a0.1757.1 a64.2 a11.4
Spring 20073.22 a3.20 a0.0958.9 a54.9 a6.2
Fall 20072.40 a2.35 a0.1947.1 a42.1 a10.3
Spring 20082.85 a2.71 b0.1055.1 a50.9 a9.4
Fall 20082.39 a2.17 b0.2157.4 a60.3 a13.1

1Means within a row in each year for each variable followed by the same letter are not significantly different at the 5% level.