Table 4: Seed quality parameters relating to mycotoxin contamination in corn and soybean averaged among rotations 2005 to 2008.1

YearCropAspergillus propagules Log (10) CFU/gAspergillus infected seed %Toxigenic isolatesAflatoxin (ng/g)Fumonisin (μg/g)

2005Corn1.93 a33.6 a28.5 a16.7 a3.6 a
Soybean1.30 b7.0 b15.9 b2.3 b0.1 b

2006Corn3.33 a78 a77 a37.1 a0.9 a
Soybean3.33 a66 b7 b0.1 b0.2 b

2007Corn2.93 a44 a17 a2.4 a0.2 a
Soybean2.63 b30 a10 a0.6 a0.1 a

2008Corn3.99 a93 a46 a54.8 a3.5 a
Soybean2.72 b36 b31 b6.8 b0.2 b

1Means within a column in each year for each variable followed by the same letter are not significantly different at the 5% level.