International Journal of Agronomy / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Nitrogen Immobilization in Plant Growth Substrates: Clean Chip Residual, Pine Bark, and Peatmoss

Table 1

Physical properties of clean chip residual, pine bark, and peatmoss substrates.z

SubstratesyAir spacexContainer capacityw (% Vol)Total porosityvBulk density (g·cm−3)u

0.48 cm CCR28 bt57 b85 b0.22 a
0.95 cm CCR48 a42 d90 b0.19 b
PB31 b48 c79 c0.18 b
PM11 c87 a98 a0.11 c

zAnalysis performed using the North Carolina State University porometer.
yCCR: clean chip residual, PB:  pine bark, and PM:  sphagnum peatmoss.
xAir space is the volume of water drained from the sample/volume of the sample.
wContainer capacity is (wet weight−oven dry weight)/volume of the sample.
vTotal porosity is container capacity  +  air space.
uBulk density after forced-air drying at 105°C (221.0°F) for 48 h.
tMeans within column followed by the same letter are not significantly different based on Waller-Duncan ratio t-tests at   =  0.05 (   =  3).