International Journal of Agronomy / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Nitrogen Immobilization in Plant Growth Substrates: Clean Chip Residual, Pine Bark, and Peatmoss

Table 2

Particle size analysis of clean chip residual, pine bark, and peatmoss substrates.

U.S. standard sieve no.Sieve opening (mm)Substratez
0.48 cm CCR0.95 cm CCRPBPM

1/212.500.0 ay0.0 a0.0 a2.2 a
3/89.500.0 b0.0 b0.1 b8.2 a
1/46.350.0 d2.7 c6.0 b11.0 a
63.350.8 c23.9 a24.0 a17.0 b
82.368.8 c20.0 a12.6 b9.1 c
102.007.9 a8.1 a5.0 b3.5 c
141.4019.0 a13.2 b11.3 c9.0 d
181.0012.4 a8.2 b9.1 b9.0 b
350.5013.0 b7.7 c13.8 ab15.1 a
600.2512.1 a7.8 b8.4 b9.4 b
1400.1115.1 a7.0 b5.1 b5.0 b
2700.055.8 a0.9 c2.5 b1.1 c
pan0.005.1 a0.5 c2.1 b0.4 c


Coarse0.8 c26.6 b30.0 b38.3 a
Medium48.0 a49.5 a38.0 b31.0 c
Fine51.2 a23.9 c32.0 b30.7 b

zCCR: clean chip residual, PB:  pine bark, and PM:  sphagnum peatmoss.
yPercent weight of sample collected on each screen, means within row followed by the same letter are not significantly different based on Waller-Duncan ratio -tests at   =  0.05 (   =  3).
xCoarse: >3.35 mm, Medium:  >1.00–<3.35 mm and Fine:  <1.0 mm.