International Journal of Agronomy / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Nitrogen Immobilization in Plant Growth Substrates: Clean Chip Residual, Pine Bark, and Peatmoss

Table 3

Chemical properties of clean chip residual, pine bark, and peatmoss substrates.

SubstratezpHEC (mS·cm−1)ySubstrate micronutrient contentx
B (ppm)Fe (ppm)Mn (ppm)Cu (ppm)Zn (ppm)

0.48 cm CCR5.0 bw0.21 b0.23 a3.7 a2.3 a0.01 b0.28 a
0.95 cm CCR5.5 a0.15 c0.17 b2.1 b0.6 b0.02 ab0.06 c
PB4.1 d0.23 b0.16 b1.3 c1.0 b0.03 a0.16 b
PM4.8 c0.29 a0.13 c0.2 d0.2 c0.01 b0.05 c

Substrate macronutrient content
NO3-N (ppm)NH4-N (ppm)P (ppm)K (ppm)Ca (ppm)Mg (ppm)SO4 (ppm)

0.48 cm CCR0.1 b0.2 b4.1 a84.6 a9.1 c7.0 c15.8 c
0.95 cm CCR0.2 b0.4 a1.4 b48.2 b5.3 d2.6 d7.7 d
PB0.1 b0.1 b4.0 a52.5 b16.2 b11.5 b50.9 a
PM39.0 a0.1 a1.6 b6.9 c27.7 a28.3 a29.5 b

zCCR:  clean chip residual, PB:  pine bark, PM:  sphagnum peatmoss.
y1 mS·cm−1  =  1 mmho/cm.
xSubstrate analysis performed on nonamended samples; N:  nitrogen, P:  phosphorous, K:  potassium, Ca:  calcium, Mg:  magnesium, S:  sulfur, B:  boron, Fe:  iron, Mn:  manganese, Cu:  copper, Zn:  zinc, and 1 ppm  =  1 mg·kg−1.
wMeans within column followed by the same letter are not significantly different based on Waller-Duncan ratio -tests (   =  0.05,   =  3).