International Journal of Agronomy / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Analysis of Essential Elements for Plants Growth Using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis

Table 3

Physical soil parameters in the sampling sites.

Local government area in Niger StateLaboratory identificationpH valuesNature of soilTemperature °C

Paikoro 1PAI-C16.8Slightly acidic soil29.00
Paikoro 2PAI-C27.1Slightly alkaline soil28.90
Lapai 1LAP-E16.6Slightly acidic soil28.80
Lapai 2LAP-E26.2Slightly acidic soil28.87
Mokwa 1MOK-J16.2Slightly acidic soil28.68
Mokwa 2MOK-J26.2Slightly acidic soil28.50
Katcha 1KAT-K16.7Slightly acidic soil28.67
Katcha 2KAT-K26.8Slightly acidic soil28.30
Bida 1BID-L16.7Slightly acidic soil28.70
Bida 2BID-L26.5Slightly acidic soil28.22
Agaie 1AGA-AE17.3Slightly alkaline soil28.35
Agaie 2AGA-AE26.4Slightly acidic soil28.18
Suleja 1SUL-IE16.2Slightly acidic soil29.80
Suleja 2SUL-IE26.5Slightly acidic soil29.10