Table 1: Varietal characteristics of 14 certified varieties* of soybean used in the experiments [14, 15].

VarietyChiangmai 2Chiangmai 5Chiangmai 60Chakkrabhandhu 1 KKU 35Nakhon Sawan 1SJ 1

Certified year1998200619871998199419861965
Days to 50% flowering31–35 d33–35 d32–34 d43 d37 d26–32 d35-36 d
Days to harvest77 d85–100 d89–92 d111 d104 d75–80 d85–95 d
Maturity groupEarlyModerateModerateLateLateEarlyModerate
100 seeds weight25 g13–15 g16–20 g11 g16 g16–20 g11–15 g
Protein/oil content39.8%/20.2%33.4%/20.1%39.1%/22.9%41.3%/22.2%46.6%/20.1%36.7%/9.1%40.2%/16.6%
Disease resistanceDowny mildewRustRust, bacterial pustule, and downy mildewDowny mildew and antracnose Bacterial pustuleBacterial pustule and soybean mosaic virusNone
Disease susceptibilityRustNoneNoneRustDowny mildew and rustDowny mildew, rust, and antracnoseRust
Seed yield1,463 kg/ha2,419 kg/ha1,750–2,188 kg/ha1,800 kg/ha1,913 kg/ha1,538 kg/ha1,562.5–1,875 kg/ha
planting location
All regionsAll regionsAll regionsAll regionsLower northern, central, and northeastern regionsLower northern and upper central regionsNorthern, central, and northeastern regions
planting season
All seasonsAll seasonsAll seasonsEarly rainy and dry seasonsAll seasons Rainy seasonRainy season

Certified by Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand.

VarietySJ 2SJ 4SJ 5Srisamrong 1Sukhothai 1Sukhothai 2Sukhothai 3

Certified year1965197619802007198619951999
Days to 50% flowering36 d34-35 d33–35 d26–28 d30–35 d29 d39-40 d
Days to harvest92–97 d89–98 d88–96 d72–77 d83–88 d82–88 d90–93 d
Maturity groupModerateModerateModerateEarlyModerateModerateModerate
100 seeds weight11–15 g15–18 g13–16 g13–15 g9–12 g13–15 g11–13 g
Protein/oil content38.8%/21.3%39.0%/20.5%41.9%/19.3%35.9%/14.5% 36.4/23.2%37.4%/9.0%39.5%/12.2%
Disease resistanceBacterial pustuleRust and antracnoseRust, soybean mosaic virus, antracnose, and purple seed stainDowny mildewBacterial pustule and soybean mosaic virusBacterial pustule, downy mildew, and soybean mosaic virusAntracnose and downy mildew (moderate)
Disease susceptibilityRust and downy mildewBacterial pustuleBacterial pustuleNonePurple seed stain and rustRustBacterial pustule
Seed yield1,250–1,875 kg/ha1,875 kg/ha2,000 kg/ha1,819 kg/ha1,538 kg/ha1,813–1,938 kg/ha1,863 kg/ha
planting location
All regionsNorthern and central regionsAll regionsLower northern regionUpper central regionLower northern and central regionsAll regions
planting season
Late rainy and dry seasonsAll seasons Widely adapted varietyN/A 055 68 1384All seasons but not suitable for middle and late rainy seasons in upper northern regionAll seasons but not suitable for middle, and late rainy seasons in upper northern regionAll regions

Certified by Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand.