Table 5: Specific combining ability (sij) effects for characters in bread wheat hybrids.


A901  × MD−2.05*3.51.44**2.170.32−2.053.1
A901  × Rmada0.452.320.363.74*−0.33−2.813.39
A901  × HD1220−0.152.07−0.49−0.41−2.14*−3.51−2
A901  × Wifak1.75−7.89**−1.31**−5.50**2.14*8.36**−4.5
A899  × MD1.321.150.410.09−1.33−6.11*−4.31
A899  × Rmada−1.17−2.140.31−0.340.740.941
A899  × HD12200.72−2.17−1.50**−2.51.323.5−1.35
A899  × Wifak−0.873.170.772.76−0.741.684.67
A1135  × MD3.57**−11.14**−2.30**−2.57−1.11−3.843.7
A1135  × Rmada−0.423.56−0.06−2.2−0.640.91.22
A1135  × HD1220−1.522.58−−2.43
A1135  × Wifak−1.625−1.112.5−0.690.55−2.49
A1069  × MD−0.89.79**0.230.522.56*1.596.1
A1069  × Rmada0.7−4.97−0.82*−0.02−0.654.041.37
A1069  × HD1220−0.4−2.810.29−0.87−0.8−0.16−3.83
A1069  × Wifak0.5−−1.11−5.47*−3.64
AA  × MD−2.05*−3.30**0.22−0.2−0.4510.41**3.62
AA  × Rmada0.451.230.2−1.180.88−3.08−2.3
AA  × HD12201.350.340.441.52−0.82−2.210.49
AA  × Wifak0.251.73−0.86*−0.130.39−5.12−1.8
Se (sij)0.772.840.392.841.062.582.34

DHE: number of days to heading, PHT: plant height (cm), SL: spike length (cm), FT: number of fertile tillers, TKW: thousand-kernel weight (g), NG: number of grains per spike, GY: grain yield (g), se (sij): standard error for SCA effects for crosses, ns, and * and **: non-significant and significant effect at 0.05 and 0.01 probability.