Table 3: Chi-square tests for goodness of fit to expected segregation ratios of cotyledon color (Yc/yc) and growth habit (Gh/gh) among RILs developed from the ILL-5888 × ILL-6002 cross grown at Pullman, WA, USA.

RILs/parentsTraits and gene symbolNumber of RILsExpected segregation ratio value

F6 derived F7 RILsRed cotyledon (Yc)941 : 12.14*
Yellow cotyledon (yc)75
Parents: ILL-5888Red cotyledon (Yc)
ILL-6002Yellow cotyledon (yc)

F6 derived F7 RILsProstrate growth habit (Gh)921 : 11.73*
Erect growth habit (gh)75
Parents: ILL-5888Prostrate growth habit (Gh)
ILL-6002Erect growth habit (gh)

> 0.100.