Table 1: Some fruit quality characteristics of the apricot cultivars (average of four years).

Flesh/seed ratioTSS
PH Acidity (%)
Width (mm)Length
Height (mm)

Beliana33.1 ab36.0 cd38.2 b35.0 c2.4 ab10.7 d10.6 e3.29 a1.72 b
Canino34.7 ab37.3 abc38.8 ab37.5 abc1.9 c16.7 a 14.5 a3.14 ab2.06 ab
Feriana30.4 b36.5 bcd37.8 b36.8 abc2.4 ab11.4 cd11.4 cde3.16 ab1.88 ab
Macar33.7 ab38.6 ab38.4 ab38.1 ab2.4 ab12.2 c12.5 b2.95 c2.04 ab
Precoce de Colomer33.6 ab35.6 cd38.8 ab39.4 a2.8 a11.0 cd11.8 bcd2.94 c2.19 a
Rouge de Sernhac37.9 a39.5 a41.6 a38.5 a2.5 ab13.5 b12.1 bc3.00 bc1.99 ab
Tokaloğlu30.8 b34.7 d36.3 b35.4 bc2.2 bc11.4 cd11.0 de3.07 bc1.90 ab

Mean + SE33.5 ± 2.536.9 ± 1.738.8 ± 2.337.3 ± 1.62.5 ± 0.312.5 ± 2.112.0 ± 1.33.1 ± 0.12.0 ± 0.2

HSD (5%)