Table 3: Percent reduction in height and dry weight of 15 Palmer amaranth accessions at harvest (30 DAE) as affected by the interaction of accession and duration of drought stressa,b.

AccessionCountyResistanceHeightDry weight
Duration of drought stress (days)Duration of drought stress (days)

1MartinALSS/GS3 op7 k–p12 g–l20 b–e15 g–p21 f–k24 d–h16 g–o
2HarnettALSS/GS7 k–p14 e–j20 b–e16 c–h18 f–n23 d–i22 e–j22 e–j
3LenoirALSS/GS4 n–p9 i–o13 f–k20 b–e14 h–q21 f–k17 g–o21 f–k
4MartinALSS/GS6 l–p4 n–p10 h–n19 b–f17 g–o15 g–p15 g–p12 j–q
5EdgecombeALSS/GS10 h–n8 j–p9 i–o24 ab24 d–h17 g–o16 g–o9 m–q
6WayneGR11 g–m8 j–p11 g–m22 bc15 g–p11 k–q15 g–p13 i–q
7HokeGR7 k–p16 c–h11 g–m22 c21 f–k23 d–i28 c–f47 a
8RobesonGR3 op5 m–p11 g–m16 c–h8 n–q10 l–q28 c–f33 b–d
9CumberlandGR3 op5 m–p5 m–p8 j–p5 pq10 l–q13 i–q21 f–k
10ScotlandGR5 m–p2 p15 d–i17 c–g11 k–q4 q25 d–g33 b–d
11RobesonALSR9 i–o8 j–p12 g–l21 b–d16 g–o16 g–o19 f–m38 a–c
12JohnstonALSR8 j–p7 k–p11 g–m25 ab5 pq5 pq16 g–o38 a–c
13RobesonALSR5 m–p7 k–p8 j–p17 c–g15 g–p19 f–m32 b–e39 ab
14SampsonALSR8 j–p11 g–m6 l–p17 c–g15 g–p14 h–q10 l–q24 d–h
15EdgecombeALSR4 n–p9 i–o14 e–j14 e–j13 i–q20 f–l16 g–o24 d–h

aData are pooled over experiments.
bMeans within a parameter followed by the same letter are not significantly different according to Fisher’s Protected LSD test at .