Table 3: Statistical tests applied to the analysis of linear regression between the methods of assessing blast severity on rye and triticale spikes.

Evaluated relationship Statistical test

SIS versus SCU 123.972** 11.135** 0.615**
SIS versus AUDPC11.526**3.395** 0.127NS
SIS versus visual assessment at 11 dai10.597**3.255** 0.118NS
SCU versus AUDPC23.411**4.839**0.229*
SCU versus visual assessment at 11 dai25.553**5.055**0.244*
AUDPC versus visual assessment at 11 dai 252.648** 15.895** 0.762**

Statistical tests: : F-test; : Student's t-test; : coefficient of determination.
Significance terms: NS: not significant; *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01.
SIS: selection of symptomatic areas by image segmentation method; SCU: selection of symptomatic areas with mouse cursor; AUDPC: area under the disease progress curve; dai: days after inoculation.