Table 1: Geometric means for aflatoxin accumulation in 10 maize single cross hybrids grown at Mississippi State in 2011 and 2012 following inoculation with A. flavus using the side-needle technique or infected wheat kernels.

Single cross hybridAflatoxin (ng/g)
Side needleWheat

Va35 × PHW792190a377a
TZAR101 × Seagull 17959ab295ab
Va35 × Seagull 17791ab286ab
Mp04:127 × PHW79309bc214abc
Mp717 × PHW79561b73cde
Mp494 × Seagull 17115c35de
Mp313E × Mo18W23d21ef
Mp313E × Mp71527d5g
Mp313E × Mp71710d6fg


Data were transformed (ln(y + 1), where y = aflatoxin concentration) before analysis. Geometric means were calculated by converting logarithmic means back to the original units of measure. Means in a column followed by the same letter do not differ (Fisher’s Protected LSD, P = 05).