Table 1: Mean of oil concentration in g kg−1, weight of 50 sound mature kernels (50 SMK) in grams, and mean milligrams oil produced per SMK (OPS) of progeny and parents in a four-parent diallel of peanut.

Oil concentration50 SMKOPS
g kg−1gmg

31-08-05-02558a*27.4i 303bc
31-08-05-05 × Lub 268521b 28.5hi 297bc
Lub 268 × 31-08-05-05520b 29.5gh 307abc
Lub 268507c 30.4fgh 308abc
Tamrun OL07 × 31-08-05-05504c 29.6gh 298bc
Tamrun OL01 × 31-08-05-05503c 29.8gh 300bc
31-08-05-05 × Tamrun OL07496cd 30.0gh 296bc
31-08-05-05 × Tamrun OL01495cd 31.4efg 311ab
Lub 268 × Tamrun OL07483de 32def 309ab
Tamrun OL07 × Lub 268479e 30.4fgh 291c
Tamrun OL07477e 33.7bcd 322a
Tamrun OL07 × Tamrun OL01471ef 34.3abc 323a
Tamrun OL01 × Tamrun OL07465fg 33.2cde 308abc
Tamrun OL01 × Lub 268458g 33.1cde 304bc
Lub 268 × Tamrun OL01455gh 35.4ab 322a
Tamrun OL01446h 35.8a 311ab

Coefficient of variation (%)

*The same letters in the same column indicate no significant differences at the 5% level based on Fisher’s protected LSD.