Table 4: Comparisons of slopes for stomatal conductance ( ) versus PPFD of recently mature leaflets of irrigated soybean at growth stages R3, R4, and R5 grown using the Early Soybean Production System at Stoneville, MS, in 2011 and 2012 .

ComparisonBosket ComparisonDundee

 R3 versus R40.0007 R3 versus R40.0021
 R3 versus R50.0001 R3 versus R50.0129
 R4 versus R50.6508 R4 versus R50.5497
 R3 versus R40.9658 R3 versus R40.1699
 R3 versus R50.8128 R3 versus R50.3629
 R4 versus R50.8468 R4 versus R50.0237

Calculated from the means of 3 plants, 3 cultivars (94B73, AG 4303, and AG 5503), and 3 replications.