Table 5: Combination effects of varieties and nitrogen rate on mean plant height of maize on farmer’s field around Bako Tibe, western Ethiopia.

Maize varieties with N ratesPlant height (cm)

BH-540 (50% RR)256233261256262253254
BH-540 (100% RR)269250274263279278269
BH-543 (50% RR)263254273255268257262
BH-543 (100% RR)268262269282288277274
BH-661 (50% RR)302271305297312311300
BH-661 (100% RR)299286307280304312298
BH- 660 (50% RR)282272311254256300279
BH-660 (100% RR)236271284272270324276
BH-140 (50% RR)255238258280258265259
BH-140 (100% RR)261245268287273267267
 LSD (5%)24.90433.31724.512NS21.05727.63410.553
 CV (%)5.427.615.1307.0774.4985.7855.86

F-1–F6 = farmers’ names (Takele Uluma, Adisu Fufa, Adisu Likessa, Mulatu Shukar, Tesfaye Tsagaye, and Gutu Tolera), NS = nonsignificant difference at 5% probability level; 50% and 100% RR = half and full doses (55 and 110 kg N ha−1) recommended for maize.