Table 1: Composition of the tested products (expressed on basis of fresh weight).

ExperimentProduct1Dry matter (g·kg−1)N (g·N·kg−1)NH4-N (g·N·kg−1)NH4-N/total NP (g·P·kg−1)pH

IncubationPig slurry A927.74.80.621.88.2
Pig slurry B896.94.50.651.87.7
Pig slurry C846.84.50.661.77.3
Pig slurry D1925.32.90.542.77.5
MC A186.64.10.620.68.6
MC B467.77.40.960.07.7
MC C469.17.70.850.47.9
MC D1245.55.10.920.17.9
Solid fraction A27211.16.20.566.7n.a.2
Solid fraction B29012.45.20.426.3n.a.
Solid fraction C31312.95.10.407.3n.a.
Solid fraction D125911.14.40.397.58.2

PotSlurry D2716.34.10.651.57.7
MC D2588.07.10.890.37.9

1The different manure treatment plants are indicated with A, B, C, and D. D1 (used in the incubation experiment) and D2 (used in the pot experiment) represent different sampling times at plant D. 2n.a.: not analysed.