Table 3: N uptake of grass (sum 1st and 2nd cut), apparent N recovery (ANR), nitrogen fertilizer replacement value (NFRV)2, total N2O emission during the pot experiment, and average NH3 emissions at the first day, at 50, 60, and 80% of the soil water holding capacity (WHC).

TreatmentN uptake (m−2)ANR (%)NFRV (%)N2O (mg N m−2)NH3 (g N m−2 day−1)

CAN, surface-applied4.95.36.0d434752bc8290100bc171119c000
Liquid NH4NO3, surface-applied5.15.46.1d454853c8793101c−2210a000
Pig slurry, incorporated3.43.94.5c303639a586976a122134d0.20.10.1
MC, surface-applied2.63.13.0b334138a647972a3116ab0.90.30.3
MC, incorporated3.33.53.8c444849bc849393bc9316b0.10.20.4
Mixture pig slurry and MC, incorporated3.63.84.1c394243ab748082ab171137d0.40.20.2
Acidified MC, surface-applied3.33.54.2c434855c8393106c−1−310a000


N source<0.001<0.001<0.001<0.001χ2 < 0.001
Moisture<0.0010.0120.012<0.001χ2 = 0.407
N source ∗ moisture0.9480.9980.9980.002

1Values within columns with different treatments and different subscripts differ significantly () and values in this row with different soil moisture contents and with different letters differ significantly (). 2Values are calculated as the relative ANR compared to the ANR at CAN 80% WHC.