Figure 7: Temperature effects on nanosensors at 37°C versus 25°C. (a) Whole-cell pH image maps of cells incubated at 25°C with 10-minutes incubation of nanosensors, followed by imaging at 15′, 40′, and 60′ after the initial nanosensor addition. Bottom series are cells incubated at 37°C with 10-minute incubation with nanosensors followed by imaging at 12′, 21′, and 30′ after initial nanosensor addition. (b) Bar graphs demonstrating percentage of nanosensors from whole, in each pH grouping, at specified time points. Cells were incubated for ten minutes with nanosensors and then imaged at specified time points. Reprinted with permission from Nowak-Lovato et al. [11] (copyright 2010 Springer).