Figure 9: Nanosensor recovery from pharmacological treatment. (a) Representation of cells incubated at 37°C with nanosensor addition and incubation for ten minutes. The first bar of the graph is representative of nanosensors inside cells without chemical addition. After the dashed line, the bar graph is representative to nanosensor ph after the addition of bafilomycin to the cells. (b) Total pixel/nanosensor count within cells. Time points after dashed line are representative to the removal of bafilomycin and addition of fresh media. (c) Representation of nanosensor pH in cells incubated at 37°C with nanosensor incubation for ten minutes followed by the addition of amiloride. The first bar of the graph is cells incubated with nanosensors for ten minutes. The data after the dashed line is the addition of amiloride to the media followed by imaging at respective time points. Reprinted with permission from Nowak-Lovato et al. [11] (copyright 2010 Springer).