Table 3: Regression equation, correlation coefficient, -test concentration ranges, detection limits, and RSD% direct and standard addition calibration curves of TC-Au complex by using uv-visible spectrophotometry.

MethodRegr. eq.
Correlation coefficient ( )Line range
D.L. (µg/mL) -test statistic
Tabulated -test two tailed 95% C.I.RSD%
( )

TC-Au(III) complex
Direct 0.99915–700.74030.39942.3650.9617100.780
Standard addition 0.99895–700.83202.3651.2855103.970

TC-Hg(II) complex
Direct 0.99895–700.58670.47912.3650.9617100.950
Standard addition 0.99865–701.21262.3651.2854103.103