Table 2: Regression and analytical parameters.

Parameter Method BMethod C

, nm370570
Beer’s law limits, µg mL−10.0–15.00.0–4.0
Molar absorptivity (ɛ), L mol−1 cm−12.10 × 1047.44 × 104
Sandell sensitivitya, µg cm−20.01970.0056
Limit of detection (LOD), µg mL−10.340.07
Limit of quantification (LOQ), µg mL−11.020.20
Regression equation,
 Intercept ( )0.790.80
 Slope ( )−0.049−0.19
 Correlation coefficient ( )0.99960.9997
 Standard deviation of intercept ( )0.0740.078
 Standard deviation of slope ( )0.0090.037

Limit of determination as the weight in μg per mL of solution, which corresponds to an absorbance of measured in a cuvette of cross-sectional area 1 cm2 and = 1 cm.
b , where is the absorbance, is concentration in μg mL−1, is intercept, and is slope.