Research Article

Similarity Evaluation of Different Origins and Species of Dendrobiums by GC-MS and FTIR Analysis of Polysaccharides

Table 1

The list of Dendrobium samples.

Samples AbbreviationLocationGathererVoucher number

Wild D. huoshanenseW-DHSHuoshan, Anhui, ChinaJun Dai201310HS0101Y
Tissue-cultured D. huoshanenseTC-DHSHuoshan, Anhui, ChinaJun Dai201310HS0101T
Wild D. officinaleW-DOHuoshan, Anhui, ChinaJun Dai201310HS0201Y
Tissue-cultured D. officinaleTC-DOHuoshan, Anhui, ChinaJun Dai201310HS0201T
Wild D. moniliformeW-DMHuoshan, Anhui, ChinaJun Dai201310HS0301Y
Tissue-cultured D. moniliformeTC-DMHuoshan, Anhui, ChinaJun Dai201310HS0301T
Wild D. henanenseW-DHNHuoshan, Anhui, ChinaJun Dai201310HS0401Y
Wild D. loddigesiiW-DLGuilin, Guangxi, ChinaJun Dai201310GX0501Y
Wild D. crepidatumW-DCGuilin, Guangxi, ChinaJun Dai201310GX0501Y