Figure 11: Immunofluorescent microscopic images showing single and dual 6E10 and Alz 50 staining in the hippocampal CA1 field and the subiculum of 3xTg-AD mice. Images of single 6E10 immunolabeled ((a), (d), and (g), red), (b), (e), (h) (Alz50, green) and merged (yellow, (c), (f), (i)) neurons at 3-week, 9- and 19-month-old 3xTg-AD mice. Note that 6E10 immunolabeled neurons are found in both the CA1 and subiculum but only Alz50 immunolabeled neurons were seen in CA1 at each age examined. The merged images show that many CA1 neurons contained both 6E10 and Alz50 immunoreactivity whereas the subicular neurons were only 6E10 positive at each age examined within Alz50-ir neuropil. Scale bar for (a)–(i) = 75  m.