Figure 5: Photomicrographs of Alz50-ir neurons in 3-week, 9- and 18-20-month-old 3xTg-AD mice. At 3 weeks of age scattered neurons were found in the frontal parietal cortex (a) and BLA (g), whereas numerous Alz50-ir ventral hippocampal pyramidal cells were labeled (d). By 9 months of age, neurons in the BLA and ventral hippocampus appeared shrunken (e) compared to the cortex (b). Numerous Alz50-ir plaques and dystrophic neurites were found in the male ((j)-(k)) and female subiculum ((m)-(n)). Dashed boxes show higher magnification images of dystrophic Alz50-ir CA1 pyramidal neurons ((l), (o)). Dashed line in panel (m) demarks the CA1 field from the subiculum. Ntg mice failed to show Alz50 immunoreactivity ((c), (f), (i)). Scale bar in ((a)–(i)); ((k), (l), (o)) = 20  m, ((j), (m)) = 100  m, and (n) = 30  m.