Figure 9: Photomicrographs showing AT180 immunoreactivity in the cortex ((a)–(c)), ventral CA1 ((d)–(F)), BLA ((g)–(i)), and subiculum ((j)–(o)) in 3xTg-AD mice. Note the more intense AT180-ir perinuclear staining (arrows), particularly in the BLA (h), and the shrunken appearance of ventral hippocampal neurons (e) at 9 months of age when compared to 3 weeks of age ((d), (g)). Greater AT180-ir tau pathology was observed in females than that in males at the CA1/subicular interface ((j), (m)). Higher magnification of dashed boxes in (j) and (m) are represented in (l) and (o), respectively, while (n) represents higher magnification of solid box in (m). Ntg mice showed only light background staining ((c), (f), (i)). Scale bars: ((a)–(i)); ((k), (l), (n), (o)) = 20  m and (j, m) = 100  m.