Figure 2: AICD-mediated Luciferase activity in SH-SY5Y-APP-Gal4 cells with TrkB knockdown or TrkB overexpression. (a) shRNA-mediated NTRK2 knock-down. Luciferase activity is decreased by NTRK2 knockdown compared to nonsilencing control ( ). There is no significant difference between luciferase activity in NTRK2 knockdown and APP knockdown cells. shRNA constructs: negative control, NS, scrambled shRNA sequence; positive control, APP, shRNA targeting APP; experimental shRNA, NTRK2.1-3, shRNA constructs targeting all TrkB isoforms. The experiment was repeated four times independently and each time with six replicates. (b) TrkB isoform overexpression. Luciferase activity was not altered by TrkB T compared to GFP control. Luciferase activity was increased by TrkB FL ( ) and decreased by TrkB SHC ( ) compared to a GFP-control vector. The experiment was repeated 3 to 6 times independently with 6 replicates each time. The y-axis represents the arbitrary light units of firefly luciferase normalized to cell number (a) or transfection efficiency (b). . Statistical analysis: ANOVA and Students t-test with Bonferroni correction where applicable.