Figure 4: NTRK2 knockdown decreases APP full-length levels. (a) Representative Western Blot of APP full-length and actin as a loading control in lysates from cells transfected with shRNA constructs targeting APP, luciferase (LUC), NTRK2 and a negative, nonsilencing (NS), control. (b) Average quantification of APP full-length levels from four independent Western Blot analysis conducted on independent transfections. Within each transfection APP FL densitometry was normalized to the APP FL densitometry of the cell lysate obtained from cells transfected with CTRL shRNA. A statistically significant difference was observed between CTRL and the APP or NTRK2 shRNA targeting constructs ( ). The experiment was repeated four times independently with three replicates each, error bars indicate SEM. Statistical analysis: ANOVA.