Figure 5: TrkB isoform overexpression affects APP FL levels and APP processing. (a) TrkB FL increases APP FL levels compared to TrkB T ( ) and TrkB SHC isoforms ( ). 5 independent experiments in duplicate, error bars indicate SEM. (b) TrkB FL increases AICD levels compared to TrkB T and TrkB SHC decreases AICD levels. (c) TrkB FL, TrkB T, and TrkB SHC do not alter C83 levels. Cells were treated with L-685,485 to aid in C83-Gal4 visulaization (d) sAPP levels in conditioned media. TrkB FL significantly decreases sAPP levels compared to TrkB T ( ). The experiment was repeated four times independently in duplicate. Error bars indicate SEM. Statistical analysis: Students t-test with Bonferroni correction.