Figure 2: Comparison of the fluorescence values of EGFP-PSEN1 fusion proteins expressed from the EGFP-PSEN1 gene coding plasmids. Plasmids pEGFP-Wt PSEN1(1400) and pEGFP-Mut PSEN1(1400) contain full length (1404 bp) wild type (Wt) and mutein (Mut) (C→G 1174) PSEN1 gene introduced at the -UTR of EGFP gene; plasmids pEGFP-Wt-PSEN1(400) and pEGFP-Mut-PSEN1(400) contain insert with shorter version (344 bp) of PSEN1 (Wt or Mut) introduced at the -UTR of the EGFP gene.