Table 1: TG enzymes and their biological functions when known.

TGPhysiological roleGene map locationReference

Factor XIIIaBlood clotting6p24-25[10]
TG 1 (Keratinocyte TG, kTG)Skin differentiation14q11.2[11]
TG 2 (Tissue TG, tTG, cTG)Apoptosis, cell adhesion, signal transduction20q11-12[12]
TG 3 (Epidermal TG, eTG)Hair follicle differentiation20p11.2[13]
TG 4 (Prostate TG, pTG)Suppression of sperm immunogenicity3q21-2[14]
TG 5 (TG X)Epidermal differentiation15q15.2[15]
TG 6 (TG Y)Unknown function20p13[15]
TG 7 (TG Z)Unknown function15q15.2[15]